Viewing Traffic In Commport Monitor

There are three different ways to view EDI traffic processed on the CCI Network through Commport Monitor - Transmission Search, Document Search and Mailbagged Transaction Search.


A Transmission is a file that may contain multiple business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, shipment notifications and can contain a blend of different business documents.  These are grouped together in EDI and tracked by an Interchange Control Number.  Most business users are more familiar with their business document numbers (i.e. PO Number, Invoice Number etc.) than they are with an Interchange Control Number, so these users will benefit from the Document search.  Mailbagging is a function that occurs between two Value Added Networks and introduces another level of EDI tracking.  For VANs which perform Mailbagging with Commport, Commport provides the ability to perform a track and trace at the Mailbag level in Commport Monitor.