Transmission Search

The Transmission Search is a different view of the same EDI Transmissions processed on the CCI Network.  The fields displayed include Sender Company Name, Sender ID and Qualifier, Receiver Company Name, Receiver ID and Qualifier, ISA control number, Control date (EDI generation date/time), ISA Created on date (Commport process date) Resend Count (count of the number of times the transaction has been resent), Last Resend Date, Reprocess Count (count of the number of times the transaction has been reprocessed), Last Reprocess Date, Transaction log ID (for use in track and trace with Commport), the Process Status (status of transmission at Commport) and the File Log (for use in track and trace with Commport).



In both views you have the ability to filter and sort on any combination of these fields.


Since the EDI Transaction can contain multiple business documents, each with their own EDI Transaction Set Control Number and Business Document Number, on the left hand side of the Transmission Search in both views there are 4 options depending on the roles assigned to the user.  





Show Status

This button expands the transmission record to display currently processing status of your transmission via CCI. This field is updated in real time to provide insight into the current status of the transmission.


There are 3 main statuses:


Processing  - This Status indicates the transaction has been received at Commport is currently being processed.


Complete with Errors - This Status indicates that the full process is complete however there are errors noted with regard to at least one delivery. Some processes result in multiple outputs or are related to downstream functionality such as mailbags between Vans. The error message contained within the Process Status will provide further details.


Complete - This Status indicates that the full process is complete and no processing errors were encountered.


Show File Expands the Transmission record to show more details including the documents contained within the transmission as well as the detailed session logs of Commport’s processing of that transmission.

Get File Displays details about the transmission and provides a link to the raw data file.  The raw data file can be opened in any text editor such as Notepad.


Reprocess File To Reprocess an EDI Transaction and all business documents contained therein, simply find the Transmission that needs to be resent and click the Reprocess button.  This will resubmit the EDI Transaction for delivery.  You will see a record of the Reprocess in the Reprocess count field and its accompanying Last Reprocess Date which shows how many times the Transaction has been reprocessed and when the last attempt to do so occurred