Managing Users

Use the Actions menu and click the Add button ( ).  This will bring you to the Add Users page.  




Enter the new unique Username for your new user into the User field.  Commport recommends that you use the user’s email address to help guarantee uniqueness within your organization, while still identifying each user.  After you have established a password for your new user, they will be asked to change the password once they have logged into Commport Monitor. The Can Select Default Page flag allows you to decide if you users have the ability to set a default view.  The options for the user are to set to a document or transmission search and then what view of that data they would like to see.


You will find Filter and Action buttons at the user level which allow you to filter and search through your list of users.


As a part of setting up a User, you have the ability to assign each User, Roles in Commport Monitor.  The Roles control what each User has the ability to do or not do within the system.  If a User does not have a particular Role assigned to them, they will not have the buttons or other indicators on the screen that the function is available within Commport Monitor.  For example, if a User is not granted the Role to Re-Deliver File, the resend button () will not be available to them on the Transmission Search screens.